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Ginger Quinlan is an accurate, Psychic and Certified Medium. She has been studied and certified as a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Level 5, through the University of Arizona's Windbridge Studies and the Forever Family Foundation. 
With the help of your Guides and Angels, Ginger receives detailed messages about your life, the people around you, and every aspect of the path you are on now. She will give you information about your current situations and your upcoming options in life.

Ginger's talents include:
Tuning into Missing persons and things.
Messages from the Other Side
Messages from your Guides and Angels
Past Lives
Health & Legal Issues ( I am not a doctor or lawyer and highly recommend you seek out their advice with any health or legal issue you may be having).
Pet Communication
Shifting Money and Career Issues
Energy Clearing in the Body and your Environment
Relationships and Family Matters
Ginger is offering phone and internet readings.  She is currently located in Georgia.  All readings are pre paid  through Paypal or by a credit card over the phone.  

Ginger will call you for your scheduled appointment at the time you choose when you book your appointment. All readings are digitally recorded and sent to you on a C.D.  All Cd's are mailed out twice a month due to the volume of readings being done.
All readings are confidential and offered with love and compassion.

Please know that information shared regarding predictions are influenced by  free will. At any time you can alter the course of a reading by YOUR choices or the choices of others

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