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Ginger Quinlan is an accurate, Psychic and Certified Medium. She has been studied and certified as a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Level 5, through the University of Arizona's Windbridge Studies.  She has also been certified by the Forever Family Foundation.
Ginger offers 34 years of experience and wisdom as she taps into your unique energy. With the help of your Guides and Angels, Ginger receives detailed messages about your life, the people around you, family members, health issues, and every aspect of the path you are on now.
Ginger works with the Angelic Realm and and tunes into the names of people, places and things. She incorporates her own extreme Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Gifts to bring you the most informative reading of your life. 

Ginger is capable of giving information about the following aspects:
Missing persons & things
Messages from Angels & Guides
Communication with the Other Side
Pet communication
Shifting money and career issues
Health issues in the body (All health related insights are followed with the advice of seeing a doctor. I am not a physician).
Legal issues (All legal issues are followed up with the advice to see a Lawyer. 
 I am not a legal representative).
Clearing blocked energy from the home and body
Ginger is available for In-person and phone readings by appointment.  All readings are done by appointment only and pre-paid through Paypal or credit card over the phone.
Cash and credit cards are accepted for in-person appointments the day of the appointment.
All readings are digitally recorded and sent to you on a C.D. which are mailed out twice a month due to the volume of readings done.
All readings are confidential.
I look forward to reading for you!
Brightest Blessings,
Please know that information shared regarding predictions are influenced by free will, at any time you can alter the course of a reading by YOUR choices or the choices of others.


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